Programme for High-Reliability Organisations

High reliability is not a separate issue to operational performance, but a by-product of the pursuit of excellence.

That said, organisations for which risk and/or safety are critical measures of performance do face challenges specific to those issues. The aim of this programme is to challenges managers on their leadership responsibilities and equip them with the insights and tools to manage human, financial and reputational risks effectively.

Risk management diagram for the High Reliability Programme

Building and Leading HROs is a leadership development programme for senior risk and safety mangers and for those charged with line management responsibility in high-risk environments.  

Normally delivered over 2 days, the programme focuses on the impact of leadership on a risk or safety culture through 3 main levers:

  • Leadership role modelling
  • Consequence management 
  • Recognition of the tension between operations, finance and safety


The main benefit of this programme is step beyond the ‘science’ of risk and safety management (the essential building blocks) and consider the ‘art’ of risk and safety management – how to build the skills and resilience within the organisation to survive shocks outside the rules and processes.

Delegates will understand the critical importance played by the behaviours of senior executives in influencing those around them and commit in writing to their own leadership philosophy.


Short (half-day) programmes and the full 2-day programme have been delivered in:

  • Nuclear
  • Oil and Gas (Europe and Canada)
  • LNG Storage

as well as at industry and academic forums including the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors.


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