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We help organisations build high-performance cultures. Founded in 2003 by a former Red Arrows pilot, team members have first-hand experience of the most demanding high-performance and high-reliability environments.

The Business of Excellence by Justin Hughes

Our Approach

We are not theoretical observers of the action from the stands.  We have spent a lot of time on the pitch.  Our approach is empirical – we have reverse engineered our methodology from what we know works and then spent over 10 years refining it for other organisations.  To learn more about our approach and our high-performance model, see The Business of Excellence.


The business case for organisational learning

Many organisations believe that learning and reflection are important, but there are few examples where that belief has been successfully translated into a winning learning culture. Our white paper sets out the business case for organisational learning and the link to high performance.

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How we can help

Building a high-performance culture     

Building a high performance culture

We deliver an integrated suite of development programmes to accelerate individuals’ management and leadership performance.

High Performance Under High Uncertainty

Performance in high risk environments

We equip senior managers with the tools and techniques to minimise risk and deal with complexity in situations of high uncertainty.

Virtual and Live Conferences and Management Meetings

Conferences and management meetings

Half-day interactive workshops and keynote presentations, available for online delivery, engage and inspire while offering clear simple tools and techniques for building high-performance teams and organisations.

Consulting Services

We support clients in closing the gap between strategy, plans and outcomes.

We focus in particular on highly competitive situations – often characterised by ambiguity, imperfect information and the need for agility.  We help clients deliver decisive success in such situations through the employment of planning and execution techniques developed by the military and intelligence agencies and tested in the most demanding of environments.


Great Decision Making is Crucial

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Alignment in Cross Functional Teams


VP Operations at BP talks to Mission Excellence about the challenges facing cross functional project teams. learn more

BBC World Business Live


Justin Hughes interviewed on BBC Business Live reviewing current events learn more

Mission Excellence Brochure: Corporate Overview

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High performance is not a theory; it’s a practice Our vision: To be the first choice partner for organisations genuinely committed to high performance. We both consult and develop, leaving clients upskilled for sustainable performance improvement... learn more

Red Teaming & Wargaming

Red Teaming & Wargaming
White Paper

Operations Director, Jas Hawker offers an insight into how organisations can adapt approaches used in the military to improve their ability to successfully execute winning business strategies in constantly changing environments. learn more

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