Building and Leading High-Reliability Organisations

In high-reliability organisations (HRO) your managers face dual challenges.  They not only need the core leadership skills to build high-performance teams, they also need to manage the human, financial and reputational risks particular to safety-critical environments. The HRO programme will enable your managers to:

  • Build and lead a culture of safety
  • Manage the consequences of incidents
  • Recognise and address the tension between operations, safety and finance

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Risk management diagram for the High Reliability Programme

Building and Leading HROs is a development programme for your senior risk and safety mangers and for line managers in high-risk environments.  

Normally delivered over 2 days blended with online materials, the programme focuses on the impact of leadership on a risk or safety culture.  Key elements which may be included are:

  • The impact of leaders' actions and behaviour in building a culture of safety
  • Decision-making in ambiguous environments with conflicting priorities
  • How to build resilience through empowerment of front-line operators
  • Scenario and contingency planning using war-gaming techniques
  • How to build an organisation that learns from experience

The exact content and format can be tailored to your organisation's needs. 


At the end of the programme your leaders will:

  • Know how to influence a safety culture through their actions and behaviours
  • Have insights into better decision-making in ambiguous situations
  • Understand how empowerment can increase organisational resilience
  • Have tools to support contingency planning for the low probability events
  • Be able to accelerate organisational learning from experience


Organisations that recognised the crossover of our experience as operators in high risk environments have asked us to run programmes for their leaders.  We've worked across sectors including:

  • Nuclear
  • Oil and Gas (Europe and Canada)
  • LNG Storage

as well as at industry and academic forums including the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors.  


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