Building The High-Performance Virtual Team

If you’ve survived the transition to virtual working but now want to build team and organisational effectiveness and resilience in this new way of operating, this is the workshop for you.

Deliverable as either a high-impact teambuilding workshop for management meetings and conferences (including virtual of course), or as part of an integrated development programme, our High-Performance Virtual Teams workshop goes far beyond housekeeping rules for Zoom and Teams to unlock the potential for high performance while working remotely.

Delivery is possible in both live and virtual formats. To find out more, watch the video and call or use the contact form below.

“The things that make high-performance teams ‘in the real world’ become much more important in the ‘small window’ that we all have to lean through as we work virtually.”
Angus Foreman
Microsoft Consulting Service WW CTO

A half- to one-day interactive workshop for managers and team leaders at all levels.

Key elements:

  • Team-based mission planning exercise requiring information sharing, brainstorming and coordination of effort between sub-teams with all individuals working remotely
  • Facilitators with personal operational experience of extended cross-functional teamworking
  • Pre-recorded multimedia content segments to utilise professional production capabilities with multiple live discussion elements
  • Breakout groups to allow small group reflection and contextualisation


  • A new perspective on the upside benefits of virtual working
  • An understanding of how the principles and tools used by high-performance teams transfer to the virtual environment
  • An opportunity to take local ownership – what does this look like for us?
  • Electronic summary of key takeaways delivered within the workshop


We have already completed virtual deliveries for clients including:

  • KPMG
  • AstraZeneca
  • MBDA
  • Triton Capital

Bespoke programme development is also offered.


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