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In The Business of Excellence, published in 2016, Justin Hughes offers a unique and compelling perspective on the drivers of excellence in teams and organisations. Justin's experience as a management consultant to some of the world's most successful organisations and as a military fighter pilot for more than 12 years brings a rare blend of experience and insight to this crucial area of business success.

Detail 248 pages
Year 2016
Author Justin Hughes
Publisher Bloomsbury Business
ISBN 978-1472930223

The Business of Excellence Book by Justin Hughes
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Message from the author, Justin Hughes

"My aim in writing The Business of Excellence was to pull together all the learning I had acquired from 12 years as a fighter pilot and a further 13 years as a management consultant into one simple model which explains the drivers of high performance in a format that can be easily transferred to just about any other team or organisation.  Easy!  In principle…

Writing the book was undoubtedly a journey, spread over several years, and forced me to collate and structure my thinking at a new level.  When I finally handed over the manuscript, I thought my work was done, but then copy editing started - another new experience for me!  As someone who likes a certain precision in the written word (bordering on pedantic?), I met my match in a professional copy editor. 

After a few months of intellectual sparring though, The Business of Excellence went into production, and I have to admit to being rather pleased with the end result.  I hope you enjoy it and look forward to your feedback."

Book author Justin Hughes to speak

Justin Hughes is also a renowned speaker on high performance, operational excellence, leadership, decision-making and risk, and behavioural safety and safety culture.

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