High Performance Under High Uncertainty

The world of 2020 means that decision makers are grappling with greater uncertainty, complexity and risk than many have ever known before.

Do you want to equip decision makers with the thinking and tools to address the above through a highly engaging programme that can be delivered through both live and virtual formats?

Our High Performance Under High Uncertainty Workshop introduces key drivers of agile thinking, execution and learning to help turn current threats into opportunities. Contact us below or call to find out more.

Agile diagram for the High Performance Under High Uncertainty

A half- to one-day interactive workshop for decision makers, delivered either live or online.

Key elements:

  • Mercury Hypersonic – proprietary, team-based decision-making under uncertainty simulation
  • First-class team of facilitators with first-hand experience of operations under uncertainty, complexity and risk
  • Bite-sized multimedia content segments, optimised for online delivery
  • Breakout groups to allow small group reflection and contextualisation


  • Key tools and approaches to facilitate agile thinking, execution and learning
  • Electronic summary of key takeaways delivered within the workshop
  • A renewed optimism, energy and know-how to reframe current threats and opportunities


Mercury Hypersonic already forms the backbone of a Culture, Leadership and Priorities programme delivered with a FTSE-100 company’s global ‘Leading Operations’ programme – it is a proven tool for engaging thinking on ambiguity and risk.

Other parts of this programme have been part of existing risk programmes, a major leadership development programme for NATO and a ‘fast learning’ initiative for a global tech co.


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