The Learning to Win Programme

Fast learning is a key driver of competitive advantage in a world characterised by change, ambiguity and complexity. Our unique Learning to Win integrated package will help you to build a culture of learning in order to gain and maintain a winning edge. On the journey you’ll learn how to:

  • Role model the right behaviours to lead by example
  • Cultivate learning attitudes in your people
  • Optimise learning and review processes to improve performance fast

Read our Reflectonomics white paper or enrol now.  

Learning to Win provides a comprehensive approach to developing a learning organisation. Three distinct levels offer flexible solutions tailored to your needs. 

  • Level 1 is for all. Ensure your whole organisation understands the fundamental concepts that underpin a learning culture with our flexible online training provided in a series of five short online videos for maximum engagement and convenience. 
  • Level 2 is for your learning champions. Masterclasses build a cohort of experts to lead debriefs, advise others and develop supporting policies to generate lasting culture change.
  • Level 3 supports live implementation. Consultants work closely with your team to analyse the degree to which you are already a learning organisation. We’ll then support you in building a learning culture through coaching, facilitation of live debriefs, advice on policy, and design of knowledge management systems.


There’s clear evidence that learning organisations have a winning edge and that failure to learn can have many and severe consequences - from financial and business impact to fatal accidents. Read our Reflectonomics paper for some examples. Long-term benefits to your organisation include:

  • Better bottom line results
  • A culture based on trust, openness and honesty 
  • Engaged employees who want to continually improve
  • Learning practices that are part of the organisation’s DNA
  • Widely shared best practices which continually accelerate performance
  • Increased innovation to maintain a winning edge


We’ve helped to develop winning learning organisations across many sectors, including:

  • Energy
  • Healthcare and pharmaceutical
  • Public sector
  • Capital project bids

Please call to discuss your specific needs.


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