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High Performance Teams

Access our integrated suite of development programmes and accelerate the performance of your senior management and leadership team.

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High-Reliability Organisations

Equip your teams with the leadership and decision-making skills to deal with ambiguity and pressure in dynamic high-risk environments.

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Conferences & Workshops

Transform your conference or management meeting with a half-day interactive workshop introducing techniques used in the world's highest-performing organisations.

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The Business of Excellence by Justin Hughes

The Business of Excellence

is the book on which our high-performance methodology is based. Written by our founder, Justin Hughes, The Business of Excellence offers a unique and compelling perspective on the drivers of excellence in teams and organisations, illustrated with insights, interviews and case studies from the military, sporting and corporate worlds.

"...deserves to become the execution manual for any team or organisation that aims to achieve operational excellence."

Professor Costas Markides, Chair in Strategic Leadership, London Business School

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