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In a competitive world, your organisation needs to aim high to stay ahead. You can't afford to settle for anything less than outstanding performance. Mission Excellence brings intellectual firepower and operational experience of the most demanding environments to help you solve or pre-empt your performance issues.

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There is no typical Mission Excellence project, but we bring passion, subject matter expertise, objectivity and challenge to all our client relationships. We're not for everyone, but then not every organisation is genuinely committed to high performance. 

Our philosophy is captured in The Business of Excellence (Bloomsbury, 2016) by Managing Director, Justin Hughes.  Our approach is empirical rather then theoretical, based on first-hand experience of high-performance environments, and augmented by 13 years of consulting with, and learning from, our own clients. 


We measure success by outcomes rather than activity.  However, performance over the long-term isn't just measured by quarterly results; we help you build lasting high performance into your organisation's DNA.  Clients we work with benefit from: 

  • People and leaders who are aligned with the organisation's values
  • Clarity in vision and purpose
  • Close alignment between strategy and execution
  • Improved agility and innovation from fast learning
  • Better business performance and bottom line results


We've helped clients across business, professional sport, non-profit and public sector.  Some examples of how we have helped our clients include: 

  • Strategy Consulting.  Advised on strategy for FTSE-100 defence contractor.  Identifed a number of new market opportunities leading to winning of unsolicited work from UK MoD.

  • Managing Change.  Support of a long-established family engineering company undergoing transformation from contract engineering to aerospace technology.  Supported MD to achieve clarity in strategy and management priorities. 

  • Turnaround. A social enterprise went from a loss-making position and potential bankruptcy to achieving positive cashflows and balance sheet position with our assistance. 

  • Bespoke Programmes. Senior team effectiveness programmes for clients including the executive team of a Middle Eastern bank, the operations team of a FTSE-100 logistics provider and a professional sports group.  


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