The Learning to Win Programme

High-performance organisations are learning organisations. Fact. We challenge you to show us an example where that is not true. Learn to Win is our proprietary programme that will help your organisation to leverage the untapped value in accelerating learning from experience.

Introductory training is provided for all online, with masterclasses and live coaching ensuring skill transfer to your organisation. Support in building knowledge management systems gives real sustainability and leverage.

Quote by Randy Pausch for the Learning To Win Programme

Learn to Win is an integrated approach to accelerating performance through learning.  It included interventions at 3 levels:

  • Learners.  Relevant to everyone in an organisation, the basic principles are delivered through a series of short online videos to be viewed when and as required.
  • Champions.  Future champions attend a one-day masterclass to improve debriefing skills
  • Masters.  Bespoke coaching and facilitation of live learning events and after action reviews help develop advanced skills

Learn to Win also includes analysis and support of implementation of knowledge management systems.

A learning organisation is an organisation which is improving performance every day.  Some of the tangible benefits and how to achieve them are in our White Paper:  Reflectonomics.

Benefits of Learn to Win include:

  • Improved performance
  • Accelerated team and personal development 
  • The foundations of a high-performance culture

We have applied versions of Learn to Win in:

  • Energy 
  • Healthcare
  • Capital project bids
  • Emergency services

In addition to introducing the core principles in a wide range of other performance development programmes.

Relevant Insights
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Learn or Die by Edward D. Hess

"Learn Or Die: Using Science To Build A Leading-Edge Learning Organisation" by Edward D. Hess

While this is by no means the first or only book on business learning organisations, it’s a thoughtful, well-written and accessible look at the latest science of learning and how it can be applied...

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"The Debrief" TalkingHead August 2016

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Mission Excellence Brochure: Corporate Overview

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High performance is not a theory; it’s a practice Our vision: To be the first choice partner for organisations genuinely committed to high performance. We both consult and develop, leaving clients upskilled for sustainable performance improvement... learn more

Reflectonomics: Learning to Win


Many organisations believe that learning and reflection are important, but there are few examples where that belief has been successfully translated into a winning learning culture. This white paper sets out the business case for organisational... learn more

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