The Business of Excellence Workshop

Our Business of Excellence Workshops, based on the book of the same name offer an original and compelling perspective on team and organisational effectiveness.

Engage your delegates in a workshop run by our team of highly credible professionals, each with first-hand experience of high-performance environments. Your workshop will include an interactive mission planning exercise and unique military cockpit video footage.

Learn from examples ranging from the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team to Netflix to the Channel Tunnel.

Challenging, fun and execution-focused, this interactive workshop gives delegates a completely fresh perspective on team and organisational performance. It is based on the Mission Excellence high-performance model, itself derived from behaviours and processes used by fighter pilots to deliver consistent, outstanding results when working in cross-functional teams on complex tasks.

The workshop is facilitated by a team with first-hand experience of high-performance environments and utilises multimedia presentations, a competitive planning exercise, and unique cockpit video footage to help bring scenarios to life.

Who’s it for:  Any organisation that aspires to a high-performance culture

Time:  Half day

The Business of Excellence workshop is the best-in-class teambuilding programme for management meetings and conferences.  Benefits include

  • Tools and techniques you can implement immediately
  • Your delegates will be inspired and engaged
  • Relevant, tangible insights gained from practical exercises
  • Teambuilding customised to specifically address and reinforce key internal priorities

The Business of Excellence workshop can be utilised in a number of ways for different types of event:

  • Large conferences (up to 1000)
  • Senior leadership team meetings
  • Inclusion in development programmes

Other variations are available including:

  • Planning workshop
  • Ambiguity workshop
  • Competitor analysis workshop

Relevant Insights
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High performance teams seminar showreel

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Mission Excellence Director and former Red Arrows leader, Jas Hawker answers the question he is asked the most - what is the key to developing a high performing team? learn more

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