About Us

We are practitioners of high-performance teamwork and delivery and learnt about the key practices of direction setting, delivery and leadership in the most demanding of high-performance environments.  We are not just observers or theorists; we have first-hand experience of what works and what doesn’t.

Mission Excellence was founded in 2003 by Justin Hughes, a former Red Arrows pilot.  Over 13 years we have built a track record successfully partnering some of the world’s most successful commercial organisations, high-profile public sector bodies, multinational agencies and world championship winning sports franchises.

We walk the talk, in particular in the recruitment of individuals who share our core values, team ethic and focus on outcomes.  The team now includes:

  • A Leader of the Red Arrows and several former fighter pilots
  • A former McKinsey consultant
  • 2 OBEs awarded for operational leadership roles
  • A qualified psychologist
  • MAs in Organisational and Leadership Development, Human Factors, and 2 MBAs from top global business schools
  • A PhD and expert on safety management systems

Amy Cruickshank

Programme Manager

Gemma Hardy

Senior Consultant (Progs)

Jas Hawker

Head of Teambuilding

Justin Hughes

Managing Director

Kerry Maloney

QA & Head of Middle East

John Peters

Senior Consultant (Progs)

Clive Soffe

Senior Consultant (Teambuilding)

Garry Stratford

Senior Consultant (Teambuilding)

John Watson